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Krew is a 3d style shooter game, take control of a pirate ship and fight alongside your team. You’ll be randomly added to one of two teams with the only objective being taking out your opponents. One of the things that I found confusing however was that the two teams aren’t indicated in anyway from what I could see. Both teams ships are the same colour although you can’t deal damage to your team. A captain is randomly selected for both teams upon joining although these roles don’t seem to carry much benefit.

Krewio is essentially a massive team deathmatch, shoot everyone in sight with a huge cannon and claim the waters as your own! Securing kills will result in a more powerful ship, your size will grow as well as the amount of cannons you can house. Having played a fair bit of myself id definitely recommend it to anyone looking to roam around and take out everyone in your way. And if you are a fan of, this is your chance to be the cannon 🙂


Use the WASD keys to move your cannon around on the boat which will steer it in the direction you’re going towards and use the mouse to direct your boat/aim your cannon.

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