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Kingz is another great strategy game featured on our site, this specific one is a tile based value system however and can be played either alone, vs AI or against other players. The game is fairly slow paced due to the time it takes for your numbers to build up however you can speed it up by claiming more generators such as warehouses.

How Kingzio works is by moving values to different squares allowing you to claim them, you will begin with just your main square/castle that will generate numbers at a reasonably fast rate and use these numbers to expand your territory. Although it may sound  complicated its actually very simple, if your castle has the number 2 on it you can claim a block next to you as you’ll need to always have at least a 1 on any square you claim meaning 1 gets transferred and 1 stays. In cases such as the warehouse they will begin with a high number and will require you to transfer that many numbers to it in order to claim it.


Use your left mouse button to click on an existing piece of your territory and then click a second time to any block around it in order to transfer value.

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