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About Kazap.io

Kazap.io is a 2d space shooting that combines aspects of games like Starblast and agar.io together to form really fun gameplay. Start off by collecting the various glowing orbs around the map in order to grow bigger/stronger, the combat relies on shooting and being bigger means your shots are harder to dodge. Initially your ship is fairly weak and takes 1-2shots to die, as you get stronger you’ll be able to take more shots and do more damage yourself, although size definitely gives you an advantage you’re not immortal so take care with any fight.

Combat in Kazap.io is almost entirely down to your accuracy although since the mouse isnt used to aim/shoot it can be fairly hard to turn around to shoot someone if they’re already shooting at you from behind. Sadly there are no objects on the map to use as cover so you’ll have to be smart when trying to fight back whilst being chased, the advantage of being smaller is that you move quicker although this is somewhat negated by the bigger projectiles that bigger ships fire.

How to play

. Movement: W A S D/arrowsSpace/shift to boost
. Shooting: X K
. Brake: Z L

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