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Kartwars is a cool free for all driving shooter game. You play as a small racer car in a space themed arena where everyone is aiming for rank one on the leader board. You can acquire score by picking up the various orbs dotted around the map or taking out other players. Kartwarsio encourages action, the games are very face paced as their are a lot of players for the size of the arena, you are able to pick up different/stronger weapons around the map which can range from anything between a time bomb to a lightening jacket that destroys anything on contact! The game itself looks great and takes a long time before it becomes stale due to the constant action so if you’re looking for a great game try out Kartwars!


Direct your cars movement with your cursor, you’ll have the option between two control sets on launch. Either use your mouse: left click to use items and right click to boost or keyboard: D to use items and S to boost.

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