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About Karnage.io

Karnage is an awesome arena based shooter game where you can choose from 5 different classes! The maps provide the perfect area for combat, there’s tons of open space/cover to be used when fighting and the medium map sizes mean that the game is always action packed. There are several game modes that will rotate randomly, these can include things such as free for all and team deathmatch which means you’ll have the chance to see how you fair alone and as part of a team. Karnageio provides fast paced gameplay with a point and click system, around the map you’ll find ammo, health and armour packs to keep you going on your killing spree!

Some of the classes include Triggerman which features an assault rifle/revolver combo, the default and recommended class for anyone trying out the game. There is also a hunter that uses a sniper rifle for all those sharpshooters out there, my personal favourite is Vince which comes equip with a shotgun, extremely effective at close range and a ton of fun to use! Karnage.io is face paced and a lot of fun, highly recommended to any fans of shooter games.

How to play

Move around using WASD, space bar to jump, use the mouse to aim and also shoot.

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