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About Jumpar.io

Jumpar.io is a super fun arena based free for all game. The objective of the game is to jump on top of other players in order to get bigger, it’s kind of similar to the pvp in Hopz.io.

The size factor in this game is somewhat similar to that in agar.io also, not in that you’ll eat other players but if you’re much bigger than someone they can not pop you. This feature means that players who have worked their way up can not be taken out by someone just joining, ensuring they actually have some form of advantage. The map itself is fairly large, there are plenty of placed to fight and even hide if you need to, players can jump off of walls like a double jump to help them better navigate.

Currently Jumpar.io only hosts a server in the US so if you’re from anywhere else you’re going to have to bare with a bit of ping but its not too much of an issue. The characters are colourful blobs much like that of agar.io, players that have just spawned can not be popped straight away due to spawn protection so if you’re small its probably best not to hang around the spawn as they’ll have the advantage.

Jumpar.io is really fun to play with friends or even alone, there is no real objective other than jumping on other players heads and avoiding being jumped on. Each time you manage to kill another player the kill will be tracked on the leaderboard (top right of the screen) so if reaching the number 1 spot is your type of thing I wish you luck!

How to play

. Movement: W A S D (Can press W again whilst next to a wall to do an additional jump, no limit as long as you’re by a wall )

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