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Jukegame.io is an exciting capture the flag style game, when you start you’ll be placed on either the red or blue team and have to¬†capture the enemy team’s flag to gain points. You will only receive a point if you successfully bring their flag back to your base however. It sounds easy right? Well that couldn’t be any less true, scattered across the map are several types of traps such as spikes that will kill your player on contact. There are also other obstacles such as falling into water that would be easy to avoid if there weren’t speed boosts at every corner, although intended as a power up the large thrust forward can be bad too.

In Jukegame players can not harm each other outright, you are able to push them into traps if the opportunity comes however that can be a bit unreliable, one of the only other ways to take a player out is getting the offensive power up that spawns in the middle of the map. This will give your player swords (a red circle) and when you walk into another player they will quite literally explode… As well as this there is a defensive power up which will allow you to negate damage for a time(a blue circle), you aren’t limited to just one at a time however you can acquire both power ups which makes you the most deadly player on the map. Its important to note that all powerups (including the speed boost) have timers to respawn.

One of the games most attractive features in my opinion is the graphics and the soundtrack, they both give off a retro arcade fill and when paired with its simple gameplay it comes together to make a really great game.

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. Movement: W A S D

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