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Jomp is an incredibly addictive io game that puts players into a multiplayer map where your objective is to make it to the finish line. Sounds simple right? Wrong! This game is incredibly challenging and tons of fun, you take control of a ball that bounces constantly up and down and try to make your way over/under the obstacles all around the map. Jompio includes things like spiked floors/roofs, swinging spiked balls and even things like lava that all kill you on contact! Now this won’t completely end your career however it will set you back to the starting line, because of this the game can get quite frustrating but what fun is a game without a little challenge?


As your ball is constantly bouncing you are not able to move up/down however certain floors can make you bounce higher so look out for that! You can use either A/D to move left and right or the left and right arrow keys.

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