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Infinitris is basically an online multiplayer version of the classic game tetris. If for whatever reason you’re unfamiliar with tetris the aim of the game is to place as many blocks down as you can without ‘busting’. Busting in the case happens if you stack the blocks too tall that it hits the top of the screen or you leave empty tiles underneath your placed blocks. This game isn’t an exact replica of the original, there are a few differences for example in tetris connecting a large chunk of blocks together would break the section giving you more room to place blocks. In Infinitris you keep placing blocks until you bust without the tiles breaking, the reason for this is you have access to a much wider area and if another player busts/leaves the game their blocks will disappear giving you more room.

Overall this game is really simple to understand but still has the ability to keep you entertained, if theres anything you still don’t understand feel free to go check out the tetris wiki:

How to play

. Rotating tiles: W or the upwards arrow
. Moving Tiles: A D S

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