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About Hordes.io

Hordes is another one of the more unique games featured on the website. Like Wilds.io, It combines both the io and RPG genres into one to create an incredibly simplistic yet fun game that even the most inexperienced RPG players can enjoy. You’re given the option of 4 classes at the start: warrior, ranger, mage and healer all thriving in their respective roles and equip with unique abilities. Hordesio places the player in an open battlefield filled with a variety of low and high level enemies, in order to defeat them you must train to become stronger and team with the other players in game. The game is tons of fun when played with friends as you can establish a small party and defeat the horde together although teaming with random players is almost just as good so don’t worry if you’re alone.


Use WASD to move around, you can use your abilities using the numbers 1-4 on your keyboard although everything can be rebound to other keys once in game.

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