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About Hopz.io

Hopz is a really fun multiplayer free for all game, it wouldn’t be right to say that there is a a combat system but you do battle against other players for points. Hops is awesome to play with friends since its easy to understand and its simplistic game play means that you could be on top of that leader board in no time!

True to its title, Hopzio is a game where you hop around with a bunch of other players, the goal is to jump over your opponents without being jumped over yourself, if you are successful in getting over them they get sent to the respawn screen and you gain a juicy point! I can’t say much more than this but here’s a useful tip to anyone looking to play: If you wait for an opponent to start falling in their jump and then jump over them they can’t move out of the way fast enough due to gravity and you’ll most likely get the point!


Move your character using the arrow keys, you are able to jump using the up arrow or double jump by pressing up twice in a row.

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