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About Hookem.io

Hookem.io is a free for all fighting game blamed with blob like characters. There are 4 classes to choose from each with different abilities; the ‘bomber’ which has extra range to its hook and can shoot fireballs that disable enemy players. The ‘slugger’ a tanky class with more armour and melee capability, can burrow underground to avoid damage and break hooks, the ‘speedy’ which focuses more on speed and manoeuvring over combat can use a speed boost to get away or close gaps. Last but not least the ‘phaser’ best known for its ability to evade, it can teleport around the map.

Around the map you’ll find lots of colourful crystals that give energy to different classes, for example the phaser needs at least 5 purple energy to use its teleport ability. Unlike most games each class does have its own advantages and disadvantages, we’ll use the ‘phaser’ again as an example, its very good at evading and collecting energy safely however if you do get caught out early you can’t fight back as at level 1 you don’t have any damaging moves. The bomber is probably the best all around class, it has a hook and fireball attack meaning it can fight early which also means its fairly safe to get energy with.

The levelling in this system is fairly simple and all is explained in there tutorial but I’ll explain it in my own words too, essentially the main levels you need to know are levels 1-3, at level 1 all classes will have their basic abilities, nothing special really. At level 2 abilities will get a slight upgrade and once more at level 3 however level 3 will completely alter the ability instead of just improving.

How to play

. Movement: Mouse (character will follow your cursor)
. Hook: Left click
. Ability: E
. Melee: Right click
. Stop to generate energy: Spacebar

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