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About Hexagor.io

Hexagor is an incredibly fun strategy game with simple but addictive game play! Your first priority will be keeping your star safe as if it is taken all of your claimed blocks touching it will be taken too! Because of this mechanic it is recommended to quickly take other peoples main star if you can or at least find the fastest path to it for future attacks.

Hexagorio can be very action packed or slow paced depending on the players in the game but some of the more efficient players can take down their enemies with ease and get a big slab of territory relatively fast. You’ll start off by claiming blank/unclaimed sections that can be upgraded to become stronger, these blocks follow a military like ranking system and are indicated by the badge icon on them. you may only over claim blocks if you are a higher level than them so it is incredibly important to keep your own blocks at a consistently high level to make sure you have no weak points!


Left click empty squares to claim them, click on owned squares to upgrade them, its that simple!

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