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In Gungame you’ll play as a blob equip with various different weapons such as an assault rifle or a scythe! Of course you won’t be able to use these all at the start, you’ll have to collect the colourful orbs that spawn around the map or kill other players. Doing this will increase your size/score much like you would do in, once you have enough score to switch weapons the box at the bottom of your screen will light up and display the next weapon. Switching weapon will take away a bit of your size but you’ll soon be able to get it back with the extra fire power you’ve just obtained! also features AI opponents that roam around the map, they kind of look like the outline of a blob or a sawblade? You’ll want to avoid crashing into these as they do huge amounts of damage and can even insta-kill you if you’re fairly small. If you manage to successfully kill them however you’ll get quite a big bonus of score.

How to play

Move around using WASD. left click to shoot and press E to switch to the next weapon once you have enough score to do so.

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