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About at first glance is almost an exact replica of with a few minor tweaks. The game definitely looks the same and plays the same however some of the finer details are different such as the classes available. There are currently 4 classes to choose from; Pulper, Hunter, Booster and Shatter, each class has a different style of attacks and looks different. As well as being different classes each one seems to fill a different role too for example the Shatter is a ‘defender’ meant to be played as a tank.

If you’re new to iogames for what ever reason and you’ve never heard of or played I’ll explain the basics. Before getting into game you’ll be able to choose one of the 4 classes I listed above and set your name, then you’re put straight into the battlefield which is a reasonably large arena filled with shapes and enemies. The enemies can either be AI or other players although its easy to tell the difference. All players follow a levelling system, you can gain XP from killing the shapes dotted around the map or taking out other players, once you have enough XP you’ll level up. Each level up gives you a point to be used into 1 of 8 stats; health, health regen, body damage, speed, reload speed, bullet damage, bullet speed and bullet health each of which impact the strength of your tank.

When choosing what stat to put points into its important that you take into account what class you’re playing for example the Hunter is a sniper so there isn’t much use in making it tanky, because of this bullet damage, bullet speed and bullet health would probably be better.

How to play

. Movement: W A S D
. Shooting: Left click/right click to use rapid fire

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