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Gravitygame is another super entertaining free for all shooter which places players on one of multiple moons/space rocks surrounded by other players/rocks. You begin equip with a basic launcher which takes around 3-4 shots to take someone out with, sadly you aren’t able to find new weapons just yet, maybe they’ll add that in the future. Staying true to its name, Gravitygameio comes with the twist of having applied low gravity to simulate space conditions, this means that your shots will arc a lot slower/differently as well as making you fall slower when you jump. A cool feature of this game is that each of the space rocks seems to have its own center of gravity meaning that you can jump towards them and get pulled in, this can look super badass if you manage to shoot someone mid transition.


Move around using WASD, A performs a crouch and W performs a jump you can use either left mouse click or space bar to shoot also.

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