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About Gobattle.io

Gobattle.io is an awesome retro style free for all fighting game. Start off by choosing your knight and entering in a name and then get into the fight. Each knight uses a different type of attack although I’m fairly confident they all do the same damage so its purely cosmetic. Since there are no teams in Gobattle it can get pretty hectic with all the projectiles flying about its important to remember that crouching will also put out your shield meaning you take reduced damage.

Overall the game is pretty simple, your main objective is to take out other players and collect the gold coins they drop, as far as I know the coins can not buy you anything currently they’re just a way of keeping track of score. This score can be seen at the top right of the screen on the leaderboard, you can use this to see what players are most worth taking out. The arena that you battle in is pretty cool, it has several different layers meaning that you have to move a round a lot to have the best chance in a fight.

On the top left of your screen you can keep track of your health and the coins you have collected, if your health gets too low from constantly fighting you can find health pickups scattered around the map, these look like glass bottles with a red liquid in. Due to a recent update players can only drop a maximum of 5 gold coins on death, this is especially encouraging to players that manage to get there hands on a lot of coins because it means they won’t have to start completely fresh each time.

How to play

. Movement: W A S D (Press W twice to double jump)
. Shooting: Spacebar

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