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About is an amazing example of a content creator going that extra mile, this game has some of the most interesting gameplay I’ve seen amongst over 300 iogames. It combines elements of survival, rpg and free world games with the io genre to produce an exciting and rewarding experience for its players. You’ll start off as a level 1 with nothing to your name, harvest wood/stone in order to build a base and level up. You’re also able to hunt various animals such as chickens, pigs and wolfs for food which you can use to purchase units and build farms. Farms will generate 5 food every 30 seconds at a cost of 20food to place so the investment pays off very quickly!

As well as farms you can place towers to generate gold and units such as peasants to gather wood/stone for you. Be careful whilst establishing yourself however as there are tons of other players on each server trying to do the same as you, there is also pvp so be careful. If you kill a player/are killed the players resources will be dropped in a crate for anyone to pick up, to avoid losing all of your resources you can create some storage units.(Max of 5per resource each storing 100)

One of the most important blocks you’ll come across in the game is the stone of life, this will allow a player to respawn instantly after dying, you will still lose your resources but keep your levels/base which stops you going back to square one. All place able blocks including the SOL are breakable by hitting them so make sure you keep your farms/stone very safe by surrounding them with walls!

How to play

. Movements: W A S D
. Combat: Left/right click
. Mounts: U to dismount
. Blocks: Left click on the icon then on the ground where you want to place it

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