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Generals is a io/strategy mash up that manages to perfectly balance both genres allowing for both challenging and simply fun game play. You start off with a small amount of territory and use this to expand as much as possible whilst defending yourself against enemy players. In Generalsio you have a castle to defend, once the castle falls you lose, kind of like losing your king in a game of chess.

Because of how important the king is it means that you should always focus on maintaining a good defence by claiming/upgrading several blocks around it, the same thing applies when attacking however so if you see weak defence around someones castle you should attack them straight away! The combat in is based on the numbers shown on each tile, if you have a higher number than a tile next to you you’ll be able to take it. The numbers on all of the tiles will slowly go up over time but certain ones will do this faster such as the castle or the other buildings.

You can select whether to claim, build upon or upgrade blocks simply by left clicking them and selecting what you want to do.

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