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Forceship is a free for all space style shooter, take control of your own space ship and battle it out against other players! Whilst shooting at your opponents you’ll not only have to avoid incoming shots yourself but dodge asteroids that are scattered around the map, if you don’t you’ll explode! The combat system feels very fluent, you point and shoot like you’d expect although it can be a little difficult to hit shots if the opponent is moving a lot. Forceshipeu gives your ship limited boost that regenerates over a short amount of time, this can be seen with the red/green bar directly below your ship.

This game is fairly new so of course at the moment there are some things I think they could work on, for example there seems to be only one type of space ship available, I’d like to see more options in the future. There is also the shooting, the projectiles seem to move fairly slow compared to the actual ships which makes it almost impossible to land shots unless your opponents are driving straight towards you. Overall I think the game definitely has potential and I hope they take into consideration my suggestions!

How to play

Move around with the mouse, left click to shoot and right click to boost your movement speed!

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