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Foodfight is an awesome new io game and is rapidly growing in popularity! You’ll be playing as a cartoon style character in an open arena full of food! You’ll be battling against other players for the top spot on the leaderboard, to do this simply pick up the food and throw it at them! This game is perfectly titled as its just one huge foodfight, there are several types of food although they all do the same damage, it will take two successful hits in order to take someone out.

A helpful mechanic that I found whilst playing is that you can throw food as soon as you pick it up, this means if you’re battling it out surrounded by food simply hold in fire and walk through the food whilst aiming at them. kept me entertained for a fair bit of time due to its exciting gameplay, my highscore was 91 kills in one life so you could say I’m some what of a foodfighting professional! Try this one out its tons of fun, let me know how many kills you managed to get!

How to play

Walk around using WASD, use left click to throw food.

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