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Flar.io is a great io/strategy game mashup that has kept me hooked for hours! Unlike other strategy games Flario is fairly simplistic although it still manages to incorporate all the classic aspects of a conventional strategy game. You’ll start off with a base and a small amount of money, use this money to establish a source of income and a defence. The only way to take out an opponent is by destroying ALL of their bases or simply making them quit. Because the security of your base is so important make sure to place a ton of turrets around your own.

There is an in game leaderboard although it only shows other players how many turrets you have down which can be an indication of size as 200 is the limit. The cool thing about Flar is that you are able to place buildings where ever you can see meaning that you can surround your enemies with turrets given that you have the funds!


Everything in this game is done through mouse movement, left click buildings to select them and then click on an empty square to place it.

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