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About Flaap.io

It goes without saying that Flaap is an almost perfect remake of Flappybirds. If you are unfamiliar with Flappybirds for whatever reason it was an incredibly popular mobile game until it was removed for issues with difficulty complaints and copyright. And although its very similar I don’t think Flaap will go down the same¬†path as its a lot easier than the original and seems more rewarding.

One of the biggest differences with Flaap is that its online and multiplayer, as you’re carrying out your run you’ll see other players flapping beside you, this can be extremely motivating as I’m sure nobody is willing to settle for anything less than 1st place!

Flaap features very similar graphics to the original game, including the Mario style green pipes to hop in between. As well as this it seems to have maintained the original sounds as well all the way up to the infuriating knock-out/falling effect when you die. Another difference is that the further you make it the faster your bird will travel. As well as this speed increase your bird will also change shape and appear differently next to your name on the leaderboard. Sadly the score on the leaderboard only counts your current run and resets once you die although you do have the option to share your hi-score if you so wish.

How to play

. Movement: Left click

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