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Evilgame.io is a fast paced strategy game played with 3 players at a time and honestly I have no idea why its called Evilgame… It’s most similar to other strategy io games such as Generals.io which also uses the numbers system. By numbers system I mean that each tile on the map has a value, this number can be anywhere from 1-anything the number shown basically says how strong that tile is. In order to take control of a tile you need to be putting in a number higher than what is already there for example if you’re trying to attack an enemy who has 100 on their tile you’re going to need at least 101 to take it.

Being a strategy game its never quite that simple, you have to really think about where you’re putting these numbers as one mistake could cost you a big chunk of your land. When expanding your area it is important to have larger numbers on the outside so that your enemy can not break through your lines easily, I try not to touch the squares that are touching enemy tiles before I’m able to at least double their values.

Around the map you can find several types of tiles, some are neutral(blank) some are player owned (coloured with a number) some are bombs(bomb icon) and some are generators(towers on a white background). These generator tiles work like your base, they will produce numbers much faster than normal tiles and are wanted by all players. Evilgame.io is pretty simple to understand but can be a little bit confusing for new players, especially those who haven’t played many strat games because of this try to use your first few games to learn before trying to win.

How to play

. Everything: You can claim tiles and move numbers by left clicking.

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