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About Elude.io

Elude.io is a super simple concept but also incredibly fun to play! You’ll be playing as a circular character and have to collect the stars that spawn around the map. The only twist is that there are also npc’s trying to get the stars and if they hit you you die and lose all of your points! These npc’s look like white skulls with no names so they’re easy to see however they come in all different speeds and sizes, some can be moving really slow and some can come at you super fast.

Elude.io is not a single player game however, as well as yourself and the skulls there are also a ton of other players in the match. If a player touches another player however nothing happens so that’s at least one less thing to worry about. The one thing you all share in common is your love for those shiny stars, each star counts as 1 point, these points can be seen on the leaderboard on the top left of your screen. The leaderboard also shows world records for the game so if you’re interested in being the one setting the numbers to beat that’s where you’re looking.

As I briefly mentioned earlier crashing into a skull will result in you losing all of your score for that life, you will carry none of your points onto your next life which makes the game that much more unforgiving and challenging. If you’re still interested in trying I wish you the best of luck, the world records aren’t too high atm (when writing this the max was 145) although don’t think this will be easy to beat because you never know when a skull will ruin your day.

How to play

. Movement: Steer with the mouse, your player will automatically move towards your cursor.

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