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About Elementar.io

Elementar.io is an awesome space themed game where you’ll take control of a star and consume smaller stars as well as other players in order to level up. This game is somewhat similar to agar.io but with a different combat system and of course the ability to get actual level ups. Once you gain a level you’ll be able to assign a point to one of eight different stats including max health and projectile damage. In Elementar its important to remember that combat is done by shooting and not by walking into each other although you are able to unlock abilities such as the flame cloak that will deal damage to the enemy player on impact.

Although the game is very new I think it has the potential to be very popular, the game play is fun and the levelling system feels rewarding. Although kind of similar to agar.io its clearly its own game and adds several features that other games in its genre has not, I personally enjoy playing it and I’d recommend it any fellow io fanatic.

How to play

Move around using WASD and shoot using either the space bar or left click. You can upgrade certain stats by clicking them on the top of your screen after levelling up.

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