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About Duals.io

Dualsio is a great free for all zombie killing death fest. Take control of a human character and choose between one of several skins to use if you’re logged into their site. You’ll be roaming the map alone although its pretty easy to meet up with a friend due to the convenient mini-map, bare in mind that although its a zombie survival game other players can attack each other also! This means its better to trust no one as although its an apocalypse it is every man for himself. Duals allows players to claim territory, you can do this by standing on the various coloured circles around the map, this will pop up on the map once done however so be prepared for pvp!

You’ll have access to an in game shop that lets you purchase different weapons and things to defend your territory with such as walls and turrets. As you reach higher scores you’ll have more ammo to work with and more upgrades available for your weapons.

How to play

The usual WASD controls to move around, use the mouse to aim and shoot. The letter B opens up the shop and you can use the mouse scroll to switch weapons.

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