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About Dstruct.io

Dstruct is another great game based on the original bomberman. Play as a bomber and wonder around the map placing bombs to take out both other players and robots! The addition of robots to this type of game is something I have yet to see and I’m quite excited to see something unique added to the genre. Around the map will be black hole looking things on the floor, these are robot spawners and if you touch them you die! As you can guess this spots are where robots will come from so be careful when hanging around them. In Dstruct.io you’ll be one of several players displayed on the leaderboard, your ultimate goal should be to get to the number 1 spot! To do this its pretty simple, use your bombs to blow up the robots or players.

If you haven’t played this type of game before don’t worry, its really easy to understand! There are boxes marked with a ? around the map which you can blow up for random power ups such as extra bombs. Bombs will explode in straight lines which means you can dodge them if you go around a corner, be extra careful with this as you can kill yourself with your own bombs!

How to play

Move around using the arrow keys, space bar to drop bombs.

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