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About Driftin.io

Driftin is an action packed battle car/racer game where the first to 20 laps wins. It sounds simple right? It is not! As well as just a race you’ll also be fighting other opponents for the top spot quite literally, there are several styles of vehicle to choose from all of which thrive in different areas and come with different weapons. One of the most important things you’ll need to know about Driftinio is that you’re not forced to go one direction around the track, this means that whilst all of your opponents are focusing on going around you can set a trap and kill them all at the other end!

Doing this will not only slow them down it will also completely reset their lap score back to 0! Of course if you’d rather win with minimal fighting you can, there are fast racer type cars available that can wizz around dodging oncoming attacks although its not quite as fun.


Drive around using your mouse to steer, left click to fire your weapon and use right click to boost your speed.

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