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About Dodgeballs in a really fun agario styled game with its own unique twist. True to its title Dodgeballsio is a massive free for all dodge ball game, the smaller blobs that would normally act as a food source in this type of game become weapons to be used against your opponents. The mechanics of this game are quite simple, walk into a smaller blob to pick it up and then launch it at your opponents, if you manage to land a clean hit on their character they’re out and you gain a point on the scoreboard.

One of my favourite features in dodgeballs is the ball physics, if you throw a ball at another ball whether it be held by an opponent of mid air the balls will bounce off each other, this allows for some cool deflects for a more reliable defence. This mechanic also applies to the map borders and the shapes scattered around the map, just be careful because if you get hit by a deflected ball you can still be taken out even if you’re the one who threw it!


Use your mouse cursor to direct your character, once you’ve successfully picked up a ball use left click to throw it in the direction of your cursor.

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