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About Deeeep is very similar to games such as mope however it is based entirely in the ocean. You begin at the bottom of the food chain and eat the passively spawning food around the map or other players in order to grow your size and progress to a different creature entirely. Each creature has some form of unique ability to be used against your opponents or used to gain food more effectively, for example you will become a seagull at some point which can easily get food above the waters surface away from the pesky water creatures.

In Deeeepio your progress can be tracked through the xp bar at the bottom of the screen, once this bar is full you with evolve to the next creature, you can fill this bar through eating, remember that there is a lot more food the deeper you get in the ocean also making it more dangerous as the bigger players will be farming/guarding these areas for themselves. True to the rules of the food chain anything bigger than you can eat you apart from members of the same species, these rules do not apply to things such as sharks however as they’ll eat anything the greedy buggers!


Use the cursor to direct your characters movement, space bar will boost your speed for a limited time.

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