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About DatTank

DatTank is a team based tank shooter game where you take control of a tank and aim to along with your team take out the most tanks before the time limit is up. You will start equip with 20 ammo and 100 HP with access to both health packs and ammo packs around the map for when you run out (Both will be replenished automatically if you die).

DatTankio is all about team play, there are 4 teams in the match all indicated by different colours, since this game is just one big death match it is recommended that you stay with your team and focus the same enemy as you’ll kill them quicker and take less damage in return. As you can expect from a tank shooter all shots travel in straight lines meaning it is easy to dodge oncoming shots so try to keep moving when fighting, if multitasking isnt your strong point simply hide behind some of the various terrain around the map as shots can not travel through them!


Surprisingly the WASD keys aren’t used in this game, simply right click somewhere to move and use left click to fire.

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