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About is an awesome free for all in space played using spaceships. Around the map you’ll find a ton of asteroids and other players, both can be killed in order to gain XP and work on levelling up, sometimes the asteroids will drop weapons that you can pick up also. Every time you level up you’ll be able to put a point into 1 of 7 skills; Health regen, max health, bullet speed, bullet damage, reload time, energy regen and movement speed. Each skill is explained pretty well by the name so not much explanation needed there, this type of skill set is used in a lot of other io games such as,, etc…

The main objective of the game is a deathmatch, kill as many players as you can and amass as high a score as you can, the higher the score the more XP the player is worth however so if you can catch a big player off guard the reward is worth it! In the centre of the map is a planet(I’m assuming Earth) that will attack anyone that gets too close, more accurately it will fire homing missiles at anyone stupid enough to get close! I’m not sure if you’re able to destroy it for XP as every time I get close enough to attack the missiles come however I’d assume that it isn’t killable. (Edit: The planet is in fact killable, it has a health bar)

Overall seems to hold a lot of promise, updates seem to be fairly frequent and the gameplay as it is at the moment is reasonably good. Some of the weapons available include a sniper, a machine gun and a laser rifle, each use different amounts of energy and have different ranges.

How to play

. Movement: W A S D
. Shooting: Left click

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