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About is a super fun battle cars game. The gameplay its self is fairly simple, drive around and try to take out other players with your turret. Each car starts off the same however as you secure yourself some kills you’ll gain XP towards a level up. Your progress can only be seen once you die unfortunately so applying your shiny new bonuses will have to wait until your next life. You’ll be given 3 options to choose from each time, with each choice getting better as you hit higher levels. However this progress seems to reset upon leaving their website which can discourage the casual player from returning unless they don’t mind starting over each time.

If you’re trying to find out just how strong a player is the easiest way to find out is by looking at their level (the number displayed beside your name) higher levels have access to more bonuses making them stronger. On the other hand if you’re a similar level it can be hard to tell just how hard the fight will be since there are a ton of perks to choose from.

Overall is a fast paced run and gun style game, great to play with friends and can easily keep you entertained for several hours, an easy pickup for anyone looking to test their shooting skills.

How to play

. Movement: W A S D
. Shooting: Left click

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