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About Bumpballs.io

Bumpballs.io is a super fun io game, the first of its kind that I’ve come across anyway. The basic concept is similar to bumpercars at an amusement park, you’ll roll around the map as a ball shaped character and crash into other players who are also balls. If you manage to knock an opponent outside of the map you’ll get a point and also get a bit bigger. The size factor in Bumpballs.io is much like agar.io, around the map you’ll find gold coins which if you pick them up you’ll get bigger.

Getting bigger in the game doesn’t guarantee you’ll win if you clash it simply allows you a bigger impact. What this means is that when you crash into people that are smaller they’ll be pushed back further and you’ll be pushed back less. As you get bigger and secure more kills your score will go up on the leaderboard, if you manage to reach the number 1 spot you’ll get a big crown above your head which acts as somewhat of a target too. If you take out someone bigger/higher score you’ll receive more score from it so even the small players will have a go at taking you out.

Overall Bumpballs.io is super fun to play with friends or even alone, the gameplay is fairly straight forward and simple, expected of the io genre and the concept is new to me which gives it a whole lot of brownie points in my books. Also if like myself you’re a fan of customisation there is a shop before you get into the game that will let you choose a skin, there are quite a few colours to choose from so make sure you look your best!

How to play

. Movement: Mouse (your ball will follow the cursor)
. Attacking: Left click (this will send you towards your cursor very fast, useful for knocking people out but can also be a problem if you miss)

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