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About is an incredibly fun free for all brawl. Start off by picking your characters name and colour and then get straight into the fight. You’ll be literally dropped into the world where you’ll have to fight against other players for your survival. Everyone begins as a level 1 but you are able to level up by picking up colourful orbs that are dropped by killing a player or the chicken-like animals roaming around. Levelling up will not only increase your strength it also increasing your maximum health, your tolerance to hits and how fast you recover.

In order to better understand some of the stats I just mentioned lets get into how the combat works. You’ll notice 2 bars above your character, one is your health bar it will start full up and if it reaches empty you’ll die, the 2nd is your knockout metre, it starts off empty and if it gets full up you will fall over unconscious. Whilst unconscious you’re incredibly vulnerable to other players as you can fight back, the bar will slowly empty again and when it goes back to normal you’ll get up. The higher level the player the faster they can knock someone out, they’ll also take longer to be knocked out themselves but it is possible.

This mechanic is a huge game changer in combat, because of this its highly recommended not to engage in fights against multiple people at once or to fight someone a lot higher level than you. However if like me big players with strong fists don’t scare you and you have no intention of running I offer an alternative; the run and gun. How this works is you charge a punch whilst running away then quickly turn back and hit the player then rinse and repeat.

How to play

. Movement: W A S D/ Right click
. Combat: Left click/spacebar to punch(Hold in to charge a power punch)
. Pick-ups: Leftclick to activate

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