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Braains is basically a big game of tag however the people ‘on it’ are zombies… Each game can house up to 50 players which means that the games are incredibly action packed. At the start of the round one player will be chosen at random to start off as a zombie meaning there can be up to 49 humans!

Braainsio features several maps that have different 2d structures to hide in, although you can’t exactly stay hidden due to the openness of the map you can lock yourself in a building and block off entrances with a bunch of movable objects. In Brains teamwork is absolutely key, its incredibly hard to survive alone as a human due to the zombies increased strength/speed so it is important that you stick with a group in order to have the best chance of survival. Just remember if things turn for the worse you can always use these teammates as sacrifices for your escape!


Use the WASD keys to move your player around, there are no other abilities.

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