Top 5 IO Games to Try in 2017

2017 is definitely going to be a big year for gaming no matter what platform you play on, with a bunch of new titles every year, we get left asking the same question; which ones are worth playing? This is an io games website and as you can expect I’m going to be hitting you up with my personal top 5 io new games that are definitely worth a play! These games will be listed in no particular order as they’re all fantastic and the quality of the game really depends on what type of game you’re looking for. Without further ado let’s get into the top 5 io games for 2017!


1) is an incredibly fun survival/foraging style game that puts you in a survival of the fittest free for all against tonnes of other players! You’ll begin your journey as either a mouse or a shrimp at the bottom of the food chain and aim to ascend all the way to the top by eating berries and drinking water. Don’t get the wrong impression, this game is not a peaceful berry eating simulator, far from it… As well as trying to keep your own needs satiated, you’ll have to avoid predators trying to add you to their snack list. As soon as you hit the 2nd evolution you’ll be able to eat other players smaller than you too and although this may seem cruel to the more passive player it’s a necessary step to claiming the top spot.

The game itself looks great (for an io game of course) the focus isn’t on graphics by any means however its simplistic textures that match its gameplay make it an easy pick up for even the biggest of noobs. The colours used make important objects distinct which helps to avoid any confusion between things such as scenery and edible plants and even players will be given a red border if they pose a threat to you! Its awesome gameplay and noob friendly nature are just two of the many contributing factors putting Mope on this list, give it a try I’m sure you’ll love it!



Although is a brand new addition to the io scene its rapidly climbed its way up my personal list and exploded in popularity. Slain is an arena based free for all game where you play as a boxer and punch your way through both AI opponents and other players. One of the most notable features about the game is its progression system, you’ll be able to gain XP through picking up colourful orbs and slaying enemies, once your XP bar is full you’ll gain a level that will allow you to upgrade 1 of 9 stats.

These stats are:
– Maximum health
– Health regeneration
– Armour
– Attack damage
– Armour penetration
– Attack speed
– Movement speed
– Energy regeneration
– Life steal

In addition to the stats the levelling system will also act as a natural balance system to ensure no one is dominated by opponents that are simply too strong, for example if you’ve just spawned in you’ll only be able to attack/be attacked by those that are 3 levels higher than you. This won’t be the same for all levels however as once you’ve put points into your stats you’ll be able to take on various opponents depending on how you’ve spread them. Lastly the level system will cap your progression in certain areas, in the first area you can only advance to level 18 before you’ll stop earning XP once you hit this stage you’ll be asked to move to the next area by going all the way right.

The game itself is tons of fun to play either with friends or alone, the server limit is 70 players and is normally always at 60+ meaning the games are action packed and you’ll find it extremely difficult to get bored. The graphics are again very simplistic which suits the gameplay and io genre, everything is easily visible and there is also a bit of customisation if you sign up to their site. Its popularity is a straight translation to its quality, we’d definitely recommend giving it a try and we’re sure it’ll make a fine addition to your own personal top 5.


3) takes players under water where they’ll play as a queen fish (Looks like an angler) and roam around slowly amassing a fish army! This game is very territory focused, there is food available all around the ocean but some spots are better than others so you’ll either have to defend yourself or take others out to ensure your armies growth. As your score rises you’ll slowly gain followers, you can also pick up neutral followers from around the map by swimming into them. Initially these followers will be very small unless you take them from your enemy, that being said you have the ability to merge the smaller ones together to create bigger/stronger fish that are a lot better for combat.

This game is incredibly addictive, like any other that includes a leaderboard everyone is aiming for that prized top spot so be prepared to fight if you’re looking to become number one! One of my favourite features of this game is that you’re able to control your army’s movements as well as your own meaning that you can be really smart about how you fight, this leaves room for the more accomplished macro player to strive in this environment but also means that noobs can be successful with enough practise. If you’re looking for a fun io game where you’ll battle it out to become the strongest team in the ocean then is worth checking out!



The 4th game on the list is none other than not to be confused with Slain. You’ll find yourself taken into one of various dungeon style maps all in 16 bit style graphics that perfectly suit the gameplay. In Slay you can partake in a free for all or team based game mode such as deathmatch and capture the flag. Every player starts with the same basic weapon but is able to pick up several different/better weapons from around the map, be careful however as some players tend to camp these spawns in order to get all the goods for themselves! Once you’ve successfully landed yourself a few kills and charged up the blue bar you’ll be able to place either an auto turret or a health station both of which are limited to 1 per player.

Slay allows players to fight for a spot on the leaderboard or give their team a sweet victory depending on the game mode you’re playing. My personal favourite is the free for all deathmatches as I find more fun in individual skill rather than team reliant matches however all game types are incredibly entertaining! In this dungeon style shooter you’ll find it hard to hide, the arenas are the perfect size for the player capacity and ensures that your game are both action packed and thrilling.



Last but not least the 5th game on our list; Jomp is an extremely addictive level based game where you take control of a bouncing ball and try to make it to the end zone. Don’t get confused however, it won’t be as simple as bouncing from start to finish, there will be several obstacles blocking your path such as wrecking balls, spikes and lava. The game is fairly unique in the io genre, of the 100s I’ve played I’m yet to come across another like it which in itself is an impressive feat however that wouldn’t be enough to get it on our top 5.

Although the game play follows a relatively simple system of going from start to finish it still remains remarkably fun, this is because of the player interaction. You’ll be playing against several other players on the levels and although the game isn’t intended as a race it has naturally became one due to leader board and the competitive nature in gamers. You’re able to both crash into players and bounce on their heads which can be used for either teamwork or to set someone back, for example if someone’s jumping over lava and you see an opportunity to bounce on them you’ll push them downwards into that lava. One thing you’ll need to remember about this leaderboard is that it will only keep track of levels competed in one life, as soon as you die you’ll be returned to 0… best of luck to anyone wanting to try out the game I’d personally recommend this one also!


That just about covers our top 5 new io games, even if you didn’t like the sound of games from my descriptions I’d strongly advise trying them out anyways as my style of writing may just not appeal to you, I can assure you all the games are brilliant and worth a play.


Written by: Swabby