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Blockor takes the massively well known classic tetris and combines it with games such as agario to produce this unique and super fun io game. You start off your journey the same way, very small and very vulnerable however you’ll find that you are infact a square! Amazing right? No more circles its already miles different! However thats not all, you’ll pick up several more shapes from around the map that will merge together to create an even bigger, stronger shape that can crush all of your enemies!

In Blockorio you have to take into account how many shapes you pick up and where you pick them up from, by this I mean that if you drive into the shape from the right it will connect to the right of you. As you pick up more pieces you’ll find that you can make complete shapes which will solidify your mass making a harder to break apart. Other than that its pretty much just like agario in terms of objectives and combat, the bigger you are the easier time you’ll have and the more opponents you can take out, definitely worth a look!


Use your mouse to control your shape, you can pick up blocks by colliding with them.

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