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Blockergame is one of the more content packed games featured on here, it takes the io genre and merges it with the classic RPG style very much like There are 8 classes to pick from each with their own unique abilities and skills, you are placed on one of 4 teams and required to fight others in order to take control of the castles located around the map. includes AIs around the map to fight as well as other players, these npcs are fairly weak although in numbers they can take down even the most skilled of players, as well as the runts what would an RPG be without bosses?

Needless to say the bosses are quite a lot stronger and require good teamwork in order to take out however they will reward the people that slay it a larger sum of gold. Gold can be spent within the castle/shops for items in order to make your player stronger or more durable, gold is acquired from npcs/bosses as well as players, if you have gold on you and are killed before you get the chance to spend it you will drop it upon death.


Use the WASD keys or arrow keys in order to move around, left click or space bar will attack in whatever direction your cursor is pointing.

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