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On first look seems to be another clone and that’s because it kind of is but it adds a lot of its own twists that make it instead. Apart from the obvious comparisons in the gameplay, going around collecting food to grow bigger and each other players blobber has several features that agar does not. For example they offers several abilities such as invisibility, teleport, slower and several more. These abilities take over the classic separate/split feature that has and are all very useful in different scenarios.

If you’ve never came across this kind of game before its very simple to grasp, eat the food around the map to get bigger, your goal is to become the biggest so that no one else can challenge you. However because everyone else is also trying to do this too its not going to be quite that simple, players can eat each other in order to grow faster so trust no one! As you eat more your blob will grow bigger, this means that size is also a display of strength, you can only eat another player if you’re bigger than them so you’ll be able to tell straight away who posses a threat and who is dinner.

One of the other features that makes different is the pick-ups dotted around the map, these range anywhere between a freeze ray that stops the movement of any blobs in a certain radius to a shield that protects you from abilities. For anyone that enjoys looking the part before going into battle this game also has you covered, before entering a match you are able to upload a custom skin to be used so you can really stand out.

How to play

. Movement: Mouse (blob will move towards your cursor)
. Abilities: Spacebar

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