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Blastarena pits several players into an arena of sorts in one big free for all, using only bombs your mission is to blow up anyone and everything in your way!¬†This game is based on the original indie game ‘bomberman’ so if you ever got a chance to play that a few years back you’ll love this game for sure! The map is full of breakable objects that are blocking your path to your enemies meaning you’ll have to clear a path before you can begin taking out other players.

In Blastarenaio you can only place one bomb initially however you’ll be able to pick up the ability to place additional from the breakable objects. As well as more bombs you are also able to gain extra movement speed and longer range on your bombs explosions, all explosions last a second or two after the initial boom so be careful as even your own bombs can kill you and you only get one life!


Navigate the map using the WASD keys, use space bar to place bombs.

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