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Blash is a weird one to say the least, you play as a creepy looking circular creature that can fire bullets out of its mouth! This game is kind of like a more equip agario in that you can eat food in order to gain your size/increase your damage but you do not consume other players if you’re bigger than them. There are several other ways to kill people and take their mass however, for starters you can shoot them, you are able to ram them directly or ram them into the various traps around the map such as saw blades or mines.

Blashio has small orbs of food scattered around the map which can be really effective to gain some size before taking on other creatures, once you are the biggest/strongest on the server you will also gain a fire crown which literally puts a target on your head meaning the game gets even more action packed as you progress.


Control your creature using the WASD keys and use space bar to shoot.

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