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Battlestick puts the player into a medieval themed arena where you’ll battle it out against several other players using a bow(standard) or one of the various other weapons available by logging in. The concept of the game is quite simple, you take control of a stick man and aim to kill as many others as you can by firing at them. All projectiles fired are avoidable¬†so its highly recommended to stay on the move. One of the cool things about Battlestick is that the map is played on several levels, there’s the ground floor, the middle floor and then the top floor each having several platforms to jump between. This means that you can fire at people from all different angles and makes the game much more exciting.

There are a few extra ways to avoid being shot at too, you can crouch to regain health or hide behind barrels.

As the game is quite new it is currently only hosted on a North American server meaning that if you’re from somewhere like Europe and wish to play you might have to accept a bit of lag. The game features over 10 different skins to use with your character however these also require you logging in to use, fear not if you don’t want to though as these skins are purely for looks!

How to play

Move around using WASD, S will make you crouch/regenerate health use your mouse to aim and left click to shoot!

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