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About is a super fun 2d shooter where you take control of a battleship and fight it out against other players. The combat in battlegroup is pretty simple, each player has a maximum of 10 missiles to fire before having to reload although the reload time is very fast. The missiles have an AOE (area of effect) damage that is shown with a small circle, this means that if you shoot anywhere near an enemy player you’re almost guaranteed a hit.

It’s not quite that simple however, as well as other players shooting at you you’ll have to fight against the AI controlled planes that also shoot missiles. The planes aren’t quite as accurate as a player can be but can prove quite difficult to deal with if you’re already in a fight. The main objective in the game is simply to destroy as many battleships as you can without being destroyed, each time you take someone out you will increase your score points which are shown on the leaderboard at the top right of the screen.

Overall the gameplay is very simple but I think that’s part of what makes a game easy to learn and fun to play.

How to play

. Movement: Right click
. Shooting: Left Click

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