4.00 avg. rating (80% score) - 4 votes is an action packed, team based warships game. Its very similar to games such as in that your ship becomes bigger and stronger but it has a very unique fighting system that I enjoy a lot. Travel around the waters filled with several obstacles such as rocks and lazer gates, destroy enemy players and pick up XP crates in order to get a stronger ship. Levelling up will give your boat more health and more firepower so its highly recommended to level up a bit before trying to take on other players.

As well as XP crates there are also ammo crates and repairs crates, each ship has a limited supply of ammo to use and it runs out surprisingly fast so its important to make sure you top up every now and then. The repairs crates marked with a wrench will restore a large portion of your health back if you took damage, alternatively you could just wait for it to regenerate on its own but that’s not recommended.

The combat in is fairly simple, you select a ship to lock onto and when you’re in range (indicated by a large circle) your ship will fire, you’re also able to drop mines either side of you which do a lot more damage. Be careful of enemy turrets when sailing around, I didn’t pay much attention on my first run and ended up dying to one losing all of my XP. These turrets have a range just like ships do so look out for the big circles. You are able to see your level as well as any other players levels next to their health bar, if the enemy player is a higher level its recommended to try and escape as they’ll be much stronger than you.

How to play

. Movement: W A S D
. Firing: Left click
. Mines: Spacebar then Q or E

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