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About is an incredibly fun free for all shooter. Start off by choosing your colour, armour and weapon and then get straight into the action! Battl takes place in a fairly large arena full of different shapes to be used as cover. Since its a free for all its recommended that you trust no one and shoot everyone! As you successfully land shots and secure kills you’ll gain XP/score which will eventually result in a level up. Once you get a level up you’ll be able to select a perk to add up to a total of 3, these perks can give you an edge in fights so take a second to look at each one.

One of my favourite features in Battl is the animations, each gun is clearly displayed on your character model so people know straight away what type of fight its going to be. The animations also show when someone is using a shield or reloading so you’ll have a good idea of when and when not to attack. Each gun has different stats such as higher rate of fire or lower range so choose what works best for you, I personally use the shotgun!

How to play

Move around using WASD, left click to shoot and use spacebar to use any abilities such as a grenade/shield.

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