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Bacman is an styled free for all game that starts you off as a small pacman-like blob surrounded by other players and smaller blobs which act as fuel. If you’re unfamiliar with this style of game your objective is to become the biggest blob around and eat everyone in sight. The rules are simple if you’re bigger than someone you can eat them, if they’re bigger than you… run. One of the unique features about Bacmanio is that you have the ability to lay mines, these mines are roughly the same size as the food blobs and so can be quite hard to see if you’re not paying attention.(They may of killed me a few hundred times)


All movement is controlled with your cursor, I prefer this type of movement as it allows you to smoothly go in whichever direction you’d like, you can lay bombs by using the left mouse button, it is important to note that you can only lay mines once you reach a certain mass and it will cost some of your existing mass in order to lay them.

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