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About is an awesome 2d space shooter similar to games such as and currently has 2 different game modes to choose from; satellites and free for all, satellites is played like domination on call of duty if you’ve ever played that. Basically there are satellites around the map that can be captured by both teams, once claimed the satellites will attack anyone from the opposite team to prevent it from being re-captured. Free for all is fairly self-explanatory, you fight amongst all other players in the game in a kill everyone you can free for all.

When you first join a match your ship will be pretty weak, you can change this by upgrading your stats. Upgrading them requires gold however, you can get gold from destroying the various asteroids dotted around the map or killing other players. Each time you level up a stat the next upgrade will cost you a lot more for example if you level up bullet damage for 30 gold levelling it up again will cost 60gold… There are a total of 5 stats to be upgraded; bullet damage, bullet speed, reload speed, max health and auto repair. Each of these pretty much do what they say on the tin, you are free to choose what you want to upgrade although I suggest getting some early max health/auto repairs if you’re playing satellites. is a game that requires good teamwork overall unless you’re playing free for all of course, sticking with your teammates in satellites can be the difference between a win and a lose. If you prefer to play the lone wolf play style however you should at least go with your team to capture the points as they do a ton of damage to you if you’re alone.

How to play

. Movement: W A S D
. Shooting: Left click

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