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Astrar is a super fun 2D shooter set in space. You’ll take control of a spaceship and have to battle it out against other players for your survival. allows you a ton of customisation with your ship through their levelling system, this means that every life can be played differently! When you start you’ll be in the smallest/weakest ship and as you get XP from shooting the moons or killing other players you’ll be able to choose from multiple upgrades that change how your ship look completely! As well as the upgrades system you’ll also be able to assign points to certain areas such as health or weapon damage. Overall there are roughly 8 stats that can be levelled several times each level costing more than the previous but making you several times stronger.

One of the cooler things about Astrars levelling system is that most ships have special abilities that can give you the edge over your opponents in a fight, a lot of these abilities are really strong so its important to watch out for them if you don’t know what they are yet!

How to play

Move around using WASD, use left click to shoot and right click to use any special abilities.

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